My shit/vomit training

My pissing fetish has slowly been pushing me towards trying shit play.  I'll try to remember all of my shit play up until this point:

*The first time I ever shit in a sexual scenario was for a stranger, an older man on Omegle.  I believe I was using my sign that said "I'll do anything for YOU" and he shyly asked if I would shit for him.  I was horny as fuck, so I obliged.  I took a nasty shit on a plate while he kindly watched.  It smelled horrible and I couldn't imagine ever touching, much less tasting, the stuff.  Afterward I came in my own mouth and face for the guy.

*I did this once or twice more for different people, but I think he was the only one that I could see.  I let a couple people watch me shit on plates or in cups, but never touched it, could hardly smell it.

*Desperate for a mate on Omegle, I started advertising 'scat' and 'shit' as interests.  I got all worked up with someone and then they rudely left me (as they unfortunately often do) and I was so horny that I took a shit in the tub (I had probably just pissed in my mouth for some bitch).  It reminded me of the first time I tasted piss--I remembered thinking 'there's no going back after THIS'--and I picked the shit up and rubbed it on my cock.  The filthiness of it, the sheer disgusting nature of it made me cum very quickly while I jerked off with my own shit as lube.

*I had spent a few hours on Omegle with no luck finding someone to play with.  I had to shit badly and I got fed up with waiting, so I went into the bathroom and moved the rugs.  I took a shit right there on the floor and it felt amazing.  This time it was a nice solid turd which pleased me--I have a hard time with liquid shit.  I picked it up and it felt okay in my hand.  I licked it.  It tasted kind of sweet, and it had a sticky, sugary outside, like syrup.  I took the plunge and placed a little piece in my mouth.  It wasn't bad, but I wasn't ready to chew it or swallow it yet.  I shit some more on the floor and rubbed it on my cock.  Again, it was so intense that I vocally said Holy Shit which I don't usually do and I came very quickly.

*I met a female dom (jj s on skype) on Omegle who was into shit, and she helped me do something quite dirty and very enjoyable.  She had me fill up a water bottle and give myself an enema. Now I've done this myself, but this time there was a big twist.  After I had shot one bottle up into my ass, I thought to ask, more water?  She said that I should have five bottles worth of water up my ass.  Now that was something new.  Each time I did it I thought I could not hold any more, and it gave me a stomachache, so I know it was way up in me.  I was able to do it though, but I was ready to burst.  She had me lie down and start to spray it out.  It came slowly at first, and it was mostly clear.  I thought that I had squirt it all out, but I knew there had to be more.  I jiggled my stomach and heard all the water sloshing around.  That loosened it up a bit.  I squirt some more out, more forcefully this time, and a little shit came with it.  I had squirt out a lot of it when she asked me to fuck my plunger.  I obliged, and while fucking it I pushed out more, which felt pretty good.  My shitty enema water ran down the rod of the plunger while I rode it.  Then she had me sit in my mess.  She had to go, but nicely asked if I had fun and what I would enjoy next time.  I couldn't hold it any longer, and while she was still on, I shot a ton out, a big nasty pile of shit right around my ass.  After she left and I had started to clean up I realized how much more there still was, and I had a blast shooting it out.  Made me feel like a squirting girl, able to squirt my juice wherever I pleased.  I finished cleaning up, and now here I am, starting this post.  I think there might still be some water in me...

*Wishing my new mistress was around, I came home from work desperately needing to shit.  I took a nice big shit on the bathroom floor, and while pushing it out I pissed all over myself which was pretty exhilarating.  Played with the shit for a while, squished it, licked it, and then rubbed it on my cock until I came.

*The next day I filled up a water bottle with my piss and shot it up my ass, which felt AMAZING.  All that warm, hot piss all up my asshole.  I shot it out into a bowl with all the shit that came with it.

*Wanted to stretch my asshole, so I put a bunch of pens up there (about 17, I think).  Felt so good to be stretched to my absolute limit.  pulled them out with a bunch of shit on them.  Amazing how after just a little scat play I wasn't afraid to touch it at all anymore.  I got a big wine bottle and put it up my ass as far as I could, then put my mouth on the bottle as far as I could--it was so warm, loved to know that it was just up my ass.  I tried to push it as far as I could, and almost puked, which was actually a more pleasant sensation than I had anticipated.  I put my ass back on the bottle as far as it would go, then forced an additional finger up my ass.  Fucked it hard and kept thinking about drinking loads of my piss and vomiting it up, then drinking it up and doing it again.  Came like a motherfucker.

*Decided to give myself a hardcore enema.  I put at least 6 water bottles' worth of cold water up in me.  Only a little came out at first, and I had to do a lot of dancing, sloshing, and massaging to get more to come out.  Finally what seemed like the last of it came out with some shit, and my ass was nice and lubed up by water, shit, and that delicious goop that comes out of my ass when I finger it.  I was able to get 3 fingers all the way up to my palm in, and I squeezed in my pinkie just a bit too.  Getting closer!

*Today I found a pretty fantastic cyber partner.  She had me piss all over my face, swallow a mouthful, then lay on the floor with my legs and asscheeks spread and shit on the floor.  It felt so good to push it all out (I had been holding piss and shit for several hours), and in doing so I pissed all over myself.  I wasn't ready to put my face too close or smear it on myself as my mistress asked, so she wanted me to cum on my shit.  While she was encouraging me, she asked what else turned me on, and I mentioned my fantasy about vomit.  She really wanted me to try and was incredibly encouraging.  While I didn't quite get to vomit, I really throatfucked myself good with my fingers (my throat still hurts!) and it did turn me on a lot.  I dribbled sticky spit all over my cock and while I made no promises about throwing up, I agreed to fuck my throat until I came, which I did, extremely hard.  I couldn't help but moan through my gagging throat as I shot out a big load all over the place.  Trying to decide if I really want to force myself to vomit, but I'm getting much more okay with the idea...

*Since then, I've had a few solo experiments with shit and vomit.  I finally reached a point where I can vomit a little...I drink a whole bottle of water very quickly and then finger fuck my throat.  I've discovered that I can put my fingers much farther back than I was before.  It turns me on to be drooling all over myself!  I've still only vomited a little, and usually it's because it turns me on so much that I cum before I reach that point.  I also tried some shit smearing in the shower about a week ago...I kind of enjoyed it, but not as much as I thought I might.  I actually had trouble cumming because of the smell.  I did have a really great stretching session with my ass though; I put about 15 pens in my ass and left them there for about 90 minutes while I watched porn and chatted.  I may put the shit play on hold for a while and focus on puking and stretching my asshole.

*The other day I was taking a shower with no dirty intentions and then, as I often do in the shower, I aimed my piss towards my mouth.  I tasted a little and damnit, it tasted great today--really should've laid down and down the whole shebang.  Oh well, I thought, but it turned me on.  Suddenly I had an inescapable craving to give myself an enema.  I grabbed a bottle and started squirting water up my ass.  At first I could barely hold it at all before it sprayed out, but I got a little bit of control as I kept doing it.  It was the first time I used hot water, and it was such a shock to my asshole that it was really turning me on, and I kept doing it over and over.  After it was coming out pretty clean, I felt compelled to try something I'd tried before (and didn't like at all)--I put my ass as high up in the air as I could and sprayed my enema upwards, aiming for my face.  I did it several times, but the last time, I turned the shower off so I could see what I was doing.  The water was coming out 90% clean, and on that last time I was able to aim it directly in my mouth for a bit.  What a fuckin' turn on!

*Yesterday, I had to piss, so naturally I went to the bathroom.  I got in the tub and aimed for my mouth as usual, but this time I had my legs all the way back, so I wouldn't miss my mouth at all.  I drank an entire mouthful, and had a few more sips, spitting the rest out.   Then I had the most intense, slimy throat fucking session I've had to date.  I put my fingers waaay back in my throat and generated a ton of that lovely, oozy saliva.  I let it drip all over my cock, which is the best lube I've ever used.  I vomited a little here and there, but didn't have the expulsion of the piss I swallowed as I had hoped.  Still, it was a massive turn on.  After a while (I was doing this much longer than any of my other sessions) there was a lot of saliva/vomit in the tub.  I rubbed my face in it, put it all over my hand and shoved a few fingers up my ass.  My nose was dripping too, and in my fever, I grabbed up snot and smeared it all over my cock.  While fingering my ass, I tried to shit, but was not able.  Anyways, being covered in this slimy mess while continuing to fuck my throat with no signs of stopping made me cum extremely hard.  I'm one sick fuck!

*Last week I had the absolute best cyber session I've ever had.  She was into dominating, and I had been saving up piss for a pretty long while. I told her I was into piss, scat was a limit.  I had clothespins on my nipples from an earlier chat, and they were just beginning to hurt a bit when we started talking.  She liked that I was into piss, and she got me to piss in my mouth.  I dribbled it onto my cock and stroked it.  I did this once more.  Then, without me having mentioned it at all, she had me start fucking my throat, so much more and better than I've ever had it before.  She was always pushing me to go just a little deeper, to hold it in longer than before.  "Open" she'd say, then "tongue out", then "fingers in".  We progressed from one, to two, three, and four.  She loved it when I convulsed and I threw up just a little bit.  Lots of sliminess, drooling all over my cock, hard not to cum at times.  It was incredibly exhilarating!  Then she had me piss in my mouth and all over my face and hair.  I slurped it up from the tub and spit it back out several times.  She was very impressed and turned on.  Trying to figure out what to do next, I mentioned that I enjoyed enemas.  I shot a bottle of water up my ass and sprayed it out.  She wanted a better view, so I did it again, pissing a bit in the bottle as well.  This time I sprayed towards the camera, and some shit came out with it.  She loved it, wanted me to slurp it up, but I said I'd rather not.  Next, we fucked my throat again until I came in my hand and licked it up.  She watched me clean up a bit, then extremely un-fucking-fortunately left.  Easily the most turned on I've ever been.  Amazing!

 *Had easily the best solo session.  Everything was in alignment: I hadn't eaten a lot, but I was horny as hell.  I drank a ton of water and some tea, and couldn't find a partner on omegle, so decided to just go crazy by myself.  Got in the tub and drank another bottle of water.  I got upside down and pissed directly into my mouth, swallowing three whole mouthfuls.  I immediately started jamming 3 or 4 fingers down my throat and very quickly was able to vomit.  Because it was all water and piss, it didn't burn, and it felt fucking great.  I puked all over my cock and my chest.  It felt so good, and I just kept doing it.  I was a mess--there was puke all over me, my eyes and nose were dripping.  I put my face in the puke and rubbed it around, sucked it up and spit it out, even swallowed some of it.  I kept finger fucking my throat and I figured that if I was getting this nasty I might as well take it up a notch, so I shit a little bit in my hand and put it in my mouth.  After just a little hesitation, I swallowed it.  I was so fucking turned on I came instantly.  I felt gross afterwards--not for the vomit, but the shit--and I sat on the toilet reading for a while.  Suddenly I got the urge to taste my piss again, so I pissed on my fingers and licked it up, then got back in the tub for another round.  I made myself vomit a few more times and came again very easily.  It was so awesome that just writing about it makes me want to cum!

*Had a day to myself, so I purposely didn't eat anything. I drank a good bit of water, then when I was just about ready to go to the tub and repeat the above scenario by myself, I happened to find a Mistress on omegle, Mistress Bethanie. She had me piss in my mouth and swallow it twice, then expend the rest of my piss all over my face and body. I rubbed it in for her, then she had me slurp it up from the tub and drink every drop. The cold piss made me gag a bit. I asked mistress if it would please her if I gagged myself until I puked my piss back up. It took me a little while, but with her encouragement, I did it, and I made a sloppy mess on my cock and face. She kept making me slurp up what was on my fingers in between gagging, which was hot. I had made a goopy mess, but still had more; she said to really shove my fingers down there. I get my fingers farther down my throat than I ever have, and it made me really puke up a lot of water and piss, so hot. She was ready for me to cum, and to help myself, I started fingering my ass. She liked this and made me taste my ass on my fingers several times. When I came, I slurped it off my hand. Insanely enjoyable. She didn't want to provide a skype or email, but gave me her Mistress name and said she would look for me.  Can't wait for the next time!

*Found a great Mistress on omegle, and on Skype! Name is Susanne. She was primarily interested in piss and shit, but was very curious about my vomit fetish. I had eaten some fast food, but was so horny I didn't care. I drank a couple bottles of water to prepare, then she had me twist my nipples hard and finger my asshole. My fingers came out with shit on them. She gently convinced me to have a little taste, then let me smear the rest on my belly. She had me massage my prostate and suck on my fingers. Then we took it to the bathroom...I drank two mouthfuls of piss. She had me stick my fingers in my ass and 'stir' which felt great, then asked me to lick my fingers clean, which had just a little bit of shit on them. She then wanted to see me puke. I got my fingers wet with piss and shoved them down my throat. I got slimy quick, and with her encouragement I was able to really spew my food out onto myself.  There was a point when I wanted to stop, but I just took a minute to collect myself. I was covered with slimy, chunky vomit. She had me rub it all over me, and it was the best lube I've ever had. It was so nasty, and turned me on immensely. She had me masturbate with my vomit furiously until I came in my hand and licked it up. The whole experience was so pleasurable, and I think with her coaxing, I'll be able to eat my shit...if I want to.

*I decided to try and fulfill my biggest fantasy on my own, and I did it! I brought a big bowl in the bathroom with me, got in the tub, and filled the bowl with my piss. I mean filled. I forced myself to drink the entire bowl! It was easier than I expected, but the last few sips were tough. Once I had it all down, I was ready to play with it I put my fingers down my throat and made myself puke it back up, right into the bowl. The consistency was similar to the original piss, but goopier, which made it a great lube to rub on my cock. Then of course, was the last step, the one I had dreamed about forever but had not gotten up the courage to try...drinking it back down again! I wasn't able to drink all of it, but I did swallow several mouthfuls of my piss-puke, and of course I puked it back up again for fun. As usual, I was crazy horny from all this, and it made me spontaneously decide to try to play with my shit. I shit in my hand and put it in my mouth, but immediately spit it back out into the bowl. There's just something about the taste most of the time that I can't handle yet. :/ I'll get there!

*I met a great partner on Omegle by the name of Aiya (Aiela?) who was not a mistress, but was glad to indulge me as she is a major piss fanatic. She had me piss in my mouth and spray it up in the air, then piss all over my face. Then she had me lie back and finger my ass. I hooked several fingers in and really fucked it, which felt great. She wanted me to piss in my mouth while I was fucking my ass, but I couldn't unfortunately. Another task for the list!


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