♥ Drinking Her Own Liquid Love ♥

Well, as most of you already know, there's nothing that turns me on more than a woman who loves her own body... and especially the taste of her own juices.
This is mostly due to the fact that nothing drives me crazier when I'm making love, than sharing a mouthful of my lover's juices in long, wet, messy kisses... wether it be her pee, her cum, or someday (hopefully) her milk!
This first video is almost a carbon copy of the play I loved most with my very first pee lover, years ago!!

And, oh how I would LOVE to be down here with this beauty, helping her drink in ALL the love!

And this doll loves her own cum so much, she enjoys it from a martini glass! ♥

And finally this gorgeous angel who gets herself off with a huge black dildo and finally lies back and squirts her pee into her mouth and all over her body... over and over again ♥


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