♥ WetLuv - Gerrod and Aimee ♥

Gerrod and Aimee are two great, xxxtremely hot, wet friends I've made via Tumblr… 
We've talked about the possibility of getting together for "drinks" some day.
Hopefully, some day my dream will cum true!
You'll find them here: http://kinky812.tumblr.com/

 In their own words....

(lady) Aimee is 24 and (sir) Gerrod is 29. 
We are engaged and have been together 2 years. 
She has been a nympho since I met her. 
I have had a pee fetish for as long as I can remember and hid it for years. 
Only since I met her did I even try to pee on someone. I started joking by doing it in the shower 
She knew what I was up to and brought it up one day. 
I fell in love even harder. 
One night she asked me if I wanted to fulfill my crazy dream, even though she had never thought about enjoying someone peeing on her. 
As you can see she has grown to love and often starts our fun. 
It truly is a dream cum true.

Go say hi to Aimee and Gerrod at  http://kinky812.tumblr.com/ ...
and tell them Lenoir sends lots of WetLuv!


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