♥ Many A Man's Secret Dream ♥

Many men (myself included) and women would love to live out their fantasy of making love with a pre-op transexual. 
Shemale is among many other names that are more common, but less acceptable or desirable within the transsexual & transgender communities.
That being said, it is still a major fantasy for many men and women alike.
This is a peek into some of MY dreams... and of course, they are very Wet Dreams ;) 

It's pretty rare to find photos af a female and a transexual enjoying pee play together, so this series just had to go with this post. 
Getting soaked with the two of them is among my top 3 fantasies!!

I just love the big pee puddle spreading around them!

Damn... this girl is absolutely amazing!! 

The Incomparable Bailey Jay

I just had to throw in this sweet, wet video for the cross-dressers, sissies and other guys out there who just like dress in their wive's lingerie... 
and in this case, get completely pee soaked with her... YUM!!


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