♥ Shade Nyx - Entertainer, Dancer, Domina, Friend ♥

One can probably come up with many words to describe lovely Shade Nyx...
Although we travel different roads, in the short time I've known Shade, the first words that come to my mind are...
Incredibly friendly, intelligent, worldly and among the few truly genuine ladies I've met via the internet!
Want to talk to a woman who's honest, open and extremely conversational?
Talk to Shade!

How else to best describe her.....?






And Stern!! 

Boys... watch out!

And what immediately won me over is that we DO have one thing in common...
Pee Play!
Although my own experiences with pee play have been more about straight-up erotic sharing and haven't taken me down the paths of Dom/Sub and BDSM,
Shade gives us a perfect example of the type of play that is loved and enjoyed by countless people, worldwide.
If you're lucky enough to be one of Shade's slaves, you'll definitely know when it's drinking time!

She's pulling together some accessories...

... and toys... 

To make sure you'll have a drink to remember!

Here you go my boy... you know where you belong


If you're a really good boy...

You just may feel the sting of her love while you quench your thirst.

What's that? You want more?

Okay, I'd get on my knees to drink from Shade... no doubt about it!!
Can't let all her delicious golden nectar go to waste!!

 Oh yes, that would be a beautiful drink!

Shade is introducing Baby to his new pissie cup 

Hurry, while it's still nice and warm!

Come now... time to dress you up so you can wet too!

Now... time for your bottle

And then you can finish your cup like a good boy

Well, you must be dying to know more about Shade Nyx by now!
Here is a list of links where you can find out a lot more than this boy will ever be able to tell!
Do me a favor and tell Shade that Lenoir sends his love!


Picassa Photos






Model Mayhem


Thank you so much, for the use of all of these wonderful photos, Shade!!!!
It's been an honor and a true pleasure!


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