Who's Your Daddy

Recently one of my lovers told me he'd love it if I talked dirty to him during sex and he'd especially love it if I called him daddy. I was taken aback by this request, not because he wanted me to talk dirty because even though I'm shy and it might be awkward at first to do it, I know with time it will only get easier. However the thing that shocked me was him wanting me to call him daddy during sex. I know a lot of people call their lovers daddy in the bedroom but for me I automatically think of a "father figure" and the last thing I want to think about when I'm romping in the sheets is my dad.
I decided to look on the internet to see people's reactions to calling their lover daddy or wanting their lover to call them daddy, I saw a mix of both. There were men and women that said that was a turn off and would never do it. Then there were the ones who said the liked it. Now I get that just because you call your lover daddy in the bedroom doesn't mean that you have deep rooted daddy issues. and it's just a way to spice things up and believe me I'm all for spicing things up in the bedroom. I believe that in order to keep your man you must do what he wants you to do in bed. You have to be the girlfriend, wife and mistress, it's been working for me so fa. I am accustomed to doing what he asks of me in the bedroom so now that there's something I'm not sure about doing, I'm a little conflicted.
From what I got on the internet, saying daddy is just a sexy way of letting him know that you feel safe with him and one interesting point was also made that probably calling your lover daddy may refer to his reproductive nature. Almost like your saying you could see him as a father to your children. This is a very interesting theory especially seeing that my man also likes me to tell him "I want to have your baby" when he's ready to cum.
That being said I'm still not sure about using the word daddy in the bedroom but I guess I can be open to trying it out and seeing if it works for me or not. I'll be sure to keep you posted on that. In the meantime why don't you let me know if you ever called a lover daddy, if he ever asked you to call him and what you did. I'd also like to hear from the guys, let me know if it would turn you on if your girl called you daddy.


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