There's Just Something About Oral

There's just something about oral sex that I love.

I would rather give a guy a blowjob than have him eat my pussy. I just love sucking on a big hard dick, it turns me on so much when I give my boyfriend a blowjob. He always tells me how lucky he is to find a chick that likes doing it as much as I do. What's the best way to give a blowjob? When I'm giving a blowjob I like to start by licking his penis all over before putting it in my mouth. Once it's in my mouth I suck on the head for a while, nice a slow until I get a good rhythm and then I accelerate. I make sure to swirl my tongue over the tip of his penis, that just drives him crazy and I feel him stiffen and get harder. I love to feel his dick grow and get rock hard in my mouth.

While I'm sucking his dick he usually reaches down to grab my boobs, I can't tell you how much he loves squeezing my boobs. It's a good thing I love when he plays with them. I have an obsession with my boobs as well. If he's standing while I suck him off He will grab the back of my head, not to control how fast or deep I go but to steady himself because he usually feels his knees buckling. He loves when I deep-throat him so I will deep-throat him a couple times just to tease him. Ever so often a slight groan will escape him, which will turn me on so much.

I'll look up at him so he could see me with his dick deep in my mouth. My hands usually reaches up and travels all over his body, rubbing his stomach, pinching his nipples all the while my mouth and tongue are working overtime on his big dick. He tells me he's going to cum so I suck harder wanting all his yummy cum in my mouth, then I'// feel his body tense and he'll groan loudly as fills my mouth with hot, creamy cum, which I'll then swallow because I never spit it out. Cum is good for you.


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