My Cyber Sex Experiences

I've had cyber sex a couple times now, some through text, other through video, most through a mixture. Here are some highlights.

*My first couple were text only, but they were pretty hot. Once I did it as a girl and enjoyed that a lot too.

*My first gay/bi experience: I couldn't tell if it was a guy or a girl under the blanket, so I played along. He liked my dick and showed me his. I wasn't really digging it until he wanted me to play with my ass, something you know I love to do! I put my fingers in my asshole and shoved other stuff in there (made a small shitty mess!). He got me to cum in my hand. Felt great!

*My first female video one was with an extremely hot girl, looked a bit like Zooey Deschanel. She was totally nude when I clicked over, shaved pussy, using a glass dildo on herself. She wanted me to cum right away and I couldn't help myself so I came all over the desk. She liked it. Before I came, somebody walked in her house I think cause she covered up, but after a minute she went back to fucking herself. After I came she asked to see my ass, and (stupidly) I asked to see hers first. "I already did." and she was gone. Lesson learned!

*My first s&m cyber was with a girl who I couldn't see. She said she was at work so she couldn't use her cam. This was the first time I tried holding up a sign saying "I'll be your slave" on it and it worked very well (and quick!). She got me to play with a shoe, a high heel I found in the closet. I had to suck on it, lick it, grind the heel against my nipples, my cock slit, and my asshole. Then she got me to play with my favorite anal toy, so I shoved it in and out of my ass so hard while I masturbated, all at her command while I answered "Yes mistress!!" I came super hard, wonderful experience!

*I had my best cyber experience yet only a few weeks ago. It was another time when I couldn't see her but she could see me, one I snared with my slave sign. She was up for more or less anything, and asked me for suggestions. She wanted me to shave my pubes and I said I couldn't do that, so she asked me to cum. I told her that there were other things I could do first--like what?--are you into any fetish stuff, like pissing, anal, etc.? She got pretty excited about the pissing, especially when I told her I could do it in my own mouth. It felt so good to piss straight into my mouth in the tub with her watching ("you're amazing!" she said). While I was covered in piss I came in my hand and ate some of it. I dried off and she wanted me to cum again. I had a hard time, but I was able to do it with the help of some porn. What a girl!

*With an old guy, he wanted me to shit. He was very nice, so I did, in a bowl. It stank bad though, so I didn't really enjoy it. Then he asked me to cum on my face, so I did, on the couch. Really enjoyed it!

*Using my sign technique on omegle, with the added note of "I really have to pee ;)" this one young girl asked me to pee in my own face. Think she was surprised when I actually did it? She said, "you're fucking awesome" and then clicked escape. Bitch. So I just pissed all over myself and came anyways.

*Had a pretty intense dominated experience today: girl (didn't have a cam, but I'm fairly sure) talked to me a lot about kinky experiences and stuff, and she dominated the shit out of me. She made me stick shit up my ass and spread it until it bled a little. Tried to put a baseball bat up my ass! I only wish I had shit before and was more prepared and I could've maybe fisted myself with her help! She got me to piss in my mouth and swallow it, and she was trying to get me to pour water in my ass when she got disconnected (or left me). Very disappointed. I was all riled up so I watched some pretty crazy vomit videos and came extremely hard.

*Pretended to be a girl today on skype. Sent him pictures of a girl I found on google, one normal pic, one of an amateur pussy. He fell for it and came. Wasn't quite as satisfying as I hoped though, but nice to pretend to be a hot girl.

*Had very hot text cyber today with a girl who wanted me to dominate her as if she were a younger girl who had never done it before. Very hot, but then she left. She agreed to look for me on Omegle with the interests "banana" and "yellowstone".

*Most recently, very hot chat with a 19 year old. Here's the conversation and two pics:

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: watch u pee?
You: yes
Stranger: ok
You: how old are you?
Stranger: 19 u
You: 24
You: ever watched someone pee before?
Stranger: um no lol
You: haha
You: you're very cute
Stranger: thx
You: so...
You: where should I pee?
Stranger: um i thought u had a plan
You: haha
You: well it's really up to you as a viewer haha
You: want some ideas?
Stranger: lol so ull pee on ur floor if i tell u to?
You: yep
You: dirtier things than that ;)
Stranger: ok do it
You: i can do it on the floor, in a cup, in a bowl, in my mouth...
Stranger: lol u wont pee in ur mouth
You: i absolutely will
You: and have
Stranger: um
Stranger: i have to see that
You: it's kind of my thing haha
You: ok :D
You: let me move
You: give me a sec
Stranger: ok
You: ready for the full view?
Stranger: sure
You: sorry I'm not hard, it's harder to pee then
Stranger: lol ok
You: ok, ready?
Stranger: yeah
Stranger: stage fright lol?
Stranger: holy shit
You: what should I do with it?
Stranger: spit it on ur hands and rub it on ur face
Stranger: wow
Stranger: what else do u like to do
You: I like being told what to do
You: I'm into just about anything
You: but I'd especially like to see a little more of you ;)
You: I did just piss in my mouth for you after all
You: :D
Stranger: haha u liked it
You: I did :D
Stranger: do u like to swallow ur own cum?
You: yes
Stranger: ok, ill show and rub my tits if u cum and eat it
You: it would help if you did that before haha
Stranger: yeah i mean during
You: while I masturbate?
Stranger: actually i want u to rub it on ur face :)
Stranger: yeah
You: ok
You: that seems to be your thing ;)
You: where do you want me to do it
You: stay in the tub or move?
Stranger: here is fine
You: wow
You: very nice
Stranger: thx
Stranger: let me watch u too
You: you do this often?
Stranger: lol no, but ur fun
You: I need to piss again I think
You: where this time master? ;)
Stranger: lay down and piss on ur chest
You: ok
Stranger: r u gonna cum soon?
You: could I see your pussy?
Stranger: no
You: ok
Stranger: keep rubbing your dick
Stranger: stick a finger in ur ass
You: ok
You: i might need to get a plug for my computer real quick
You: that ok master?
Stranger: i want to see cum
Stranger: i guess u dont like my tits?
You: i love them
Stranger: u woul rather see cocks?
You: I'm just worried about my computer turning off
Stranger: well u better be fast then
You: want to cum on ur tits
You: nice view
You: ready for cum?
Stranger: yes
Stranger: get close to the screen
You: god super hot pussy
You: want me to rub it in my face?
Stranger: yes
Stranger: mmmm lick it up too
You: cum for me baby
Your conversational partner has disconnected.


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